The Crown Service masternode solution

About Crown Service

Our Crown project focuses on solving several common difficulties faced by investors while purchasing coins based on Masternode technologies.

Those difficulties are related to the fact that the independent launch of the masternode foresees technical and financial tasks:
Firstly, almost all cryptocurrency coins and projects have individual features. Due to this, every time a person needs to spend a lot of time in order to deal with the specifics and settings guides in each project.

Creating the masternode hosting using a "home" computer (whether it is a regular PC or a laptop) is associated with significant time costs. At the same time, hosting the masternode at standard (unspecialized) hosting can result in financial costs, since the masternode holder needs to be aware of the hosting features and tariffs, as well as to pay a monthly fee. Our project Crown frees people from all these difficulties and risks, since the platform allows setting up the masternode on a remote hosting in just a few clicks.

Independent purchase of masternodes can be too costly for an investor and / or reduce its level of diversification of coins being acquired. With the help of our Shared masternode service, this problem will be solved.

Implemented services involve payment for services provided by the platform. To do this, its own Crown Service Coin (CNSC) is issued. It is also based on PoS technology and masternodes. It will be used as a means of payment for the following services:

     a) Easy-to-install masternode hosting

     b) Shared masternode

     c) Listing of other coins on our platform

     d) Payment of partner, advertising and marketing programs to promote third-party services.

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The Platform

Easy-to-install MN Hosting
Save your time, nerves and money! Take advantage of our service and concentrate on the really important tasks!
Shared MN service
If you do not like to put all eggs in one basket, use the opportunity to diversify assets! Get rewards from your coins, as if you own a complete masternode!

Technical Specifications

Coin NameCrown Service Coin
Coin TickerCNSC
Block Time60 seconds
Staking age3 hours
MN Rewards70%
Maturity312 blocks
Total Supply700 000 000
Premine150 000
Collateral 8000

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December 2018

- Platform launch, easy-to-install service and masternode hosting
- Adding new coins
- Release of service instructions (guides)

1 Quarter 2019

- Improving the platform, launching the Shared masternode service
- Launch of the referral program
- Introducing of the bot in Telegram and Discord to monitor the masternode status and other service functions
- Listing at one of the crypto exchanges

2 Quarter 2019

- Listing at the second crypto exchange
- Launch of mobile applications
- Implementation of the marketing program
- Start of the affiliate program

3 Quarter 2019

- Listing at the third crypto exchange
- Large-scale advertising and information program
- Road show in Asian countries